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Ce4 Blister Kit Review


Ce4 Blister Kit –   This kit is the most basic, userfriendly and affordable electronic cigarette kit you will ever find. It’s probably the best kit for a person brand new to vaping who wants to move up from a standard analog-a-like ecig. It includes most of the basic necessities for vaping; a 600, 900, or 1100mAh eGo battery, a Ce4 atomizer which usually holds 1.8mLs of ejuice and a charger. The Ce4 Blister Kit is the first stepping stone into the more advanced world of ecig mods. For more information and demonstration watch the video below or click the link to purchase the Ce4 Blister Kit now.


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  1. I`m using those but in the way you`ll see them not fulfilling the need of vapor.

  2. Good product, do not know no other brands of electronic cigarettes it

  3. This product is very good, there is no better introduction