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Halo Ecig Reviews


The Halo Ecig Company is located in the USA and uses 100%  made-in-the-USA products and Ejuices. The Halo G6 Series of electronic cigarettes is known for one thing above all else- Quality. Because they produce and manufacture all of their own equipment and juices they are able to control the quality of their product much more so than companies receiving their equipment amongst huge shipments arriving from China.

The Halo Company was founded in 2010 with the mission of creating the highest quality electronic cigarettes and ecig-related products available in the U.S.- and they have succeeded. Halo Ecigs also offer incredible variety as they currently have over 14 unique flavors and offer at least 20+ different battery combinations. If you want trusted, made in the USA, medicinal grade eliquids and ejuices then HALO ECIGS are your best bet.

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