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Mt Baker Vapor Ejuice Reviews


The Hottest Ejuice Flavors from Mt Baker Vapor


AbsintheMt Baker Vapor Absinthe Ejuice ReviewOriginally, absinthe was an anise flavored alcoholic beverage served with wormwood, fennel, and other herbs...This is an anise, licorice type flavor. It’s not as bitter as ...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
Afternoon DelightMt Baker Vapor Afternoon Delight EjuiceThis is a blend of banana, coconut, and pineapple. It reminds me a lot of the smell of suntan lotion. Ordinarily I’m not a big fan of bananas, coconut, or pineapple. However, when...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
AmericaMt Baker Vapor America EjuiceI really enjoyed this one. It is a refreshing berry lemonade, slightly tart but sweet as well. I believe it is strawberry lemonade. Great for summer, I think this would be a nice..See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
Banana SplitMt Baker Vapor Banana Split EjuiceThis tastes a lot like a brand of ice cream I used to get in Texas. Blue bell makes a banana split flavored ice cream that is really good. It is apparently a regional....See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
CheesecakeMt Baker Vapor Cheesecake EjuiceButtery, rich, and sweet, this is a nice dessert vape. I would prefer a little more flavor. If I order this again I will be adding an extra flavor shot to it. Personally I think it has...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
Chocolate FrostMt Baker Vapor Chocoloate Frost EjuiceI am really impressed with this flavor. At first it tasted just like a tootsie roll. After that I realized it has a mint chocolate flavor going on. I am pretty weird about...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
Dr PepperMt Baker Vapor Dr Pepper EjuiceWhile this is not an exact replica, it does taste a lot like Dr. Pepper. There is a definite soda vibe to it as well as chocolate and cherry tones. It tastes a lot like carbonated syrup or ...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
Grumpy BearMt Baker Vapor Grumpy Bear EjuiceI’m a big fan of gummy candy and especially sour gummy candy. This juice has a nice gummy candy flavor and it tastes like it has a little bit of sour in my opinion. Unfortunately ... See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
Peach RingsMt Baker Vapor Peach Rings EjuiceThis is a version of the peach gummy rings candy you can find at the store or often at gas stations. The peach candy flavor is there as well as the gummy flavor. I really like...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
White TeaMt Baker Vapor White Tea EjuiceThis is a really delicate floral white tea. I normally drink black or green tea but I do enjoy the scent of white tea in my bath and body products, lotions, etc. This tastes just like...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now
White WineMt Baker Vapor White Wine EjuiceI’m not a big drinker but I do occasionally like a nice light white wine. I generally prefer sweeter wines like Moscato or Rieslings but I’m unable to drink more than a glass because...See Full ReviewVisit Site Now