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ProTank Mini 3 Review


ProTank Mini 3 – This miniature version of the third installment to the KangerTech ProTank line packs a big punch into a small tank! The traditional stainless steel and Pyrex glass components are used to create the structure of the tank, where as the high quality KangerTech dual coils make up the inner workings of this mini tank. Some even dare to say that the ProTank 3 Mini is better then it’s original version. This tank is definitely a noticeable upgrade from the ProTank 2 Mini. Watch the video below for more information and demonstration or click the link below to purchase the Protank Mini 3 now.


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  1. Just got one today and must say I’m impressed. I’m really enjoying the smaller size for juice I don’t vape all day. Want to pick up an aero mini next and see how that one works out.