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Smoketip Ecig Reviews


Smoketip is known as the 31 flavors of the vaping world, and just like Baskin-Robbins they have something for everyone. Smoketip not only has over 20 flavors to choose from, but many of those flavors are very unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Where some companies focused on vapor or strength, Smoketip perfected the vapor flavor. It’s not just the variety of flavors, but the quality of those flavors that puts Smoktip ahead of the competition. I personally love the green apple (tastes just like an apple jolly rancher…yum).

Where a lot of brands offer a variety of flavors none offer as many quality flavors as Smoketip.  I guess you do one thing and do it well is Smoketip’s motto –and their one thing is flavor. When you first quit smoking vapor consistency is probably most important, but once you’ve been vaping a while you tend to get a craving for unique and delicious flavors. Many of the Smoketip flavors would not appeal to me all of the time, but after a meal or in the evening with a drink sometimes I really like having that dessert vape. Whether its Pina Colada or Butterscotch pudding Smoketip always has something to surprise and delight you. I highly recomend Smoketip to anyone that loves good flavored vapor.

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