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SmokeTip Ecigar Review


The SmokeTip Electronic Cigar is the best Ecigar you can get in its price range. Equal to 12 regular cigars, the SmokeTip E Cigar is a great value at $20.00 and works awesome. Lots of heavy vapor and excellent airflow give this ecigar the real feel and sensation of puffing a cigar. The mouth piece is a hard plastic and this is really it’s one downside; however, you will not find a nice soft rapped ecigar in this price range.

For $50.00 you can try the SafeCig Seminole, which we also review, and which has a wonderful soft ‘natural feeling’ ecigar mouthpiece. If you are wanting to try an ecigar for the first time though and don’t want to commit a large amount of resources then the SmokeTip is a perfect introductory Ecigar and we highly recommend it.

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