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South Beach Smoke Ecig Reviews


South Beach Smoke is one of the older companies selling ecigs in the USA. Located right on Miami’s South Beach, SBS was one of the first companies to start introducing Americans to electronic smoking or Vaping. Because SBS was one of the first ecig companies, they were also subject to some problems early on with how well their product worked. They have solved all of the early problems however- as most South Beach Smoke ecig reviews will attest, and have completely redesigned their entire product line about a year ago thus establishing South Beach Smoke as one of the top ecig companies we review.

South Beach Smoke has always been super cool and edgy, but now they have quality and reliability as well making SBS ecigs the complete package. The company is great to deal with when ordering, making exchanges or returns.  They give their customers complete confidence that they will be there when needed. I highly recommend SBS ecigs to anyone thinking about making the switch to ecigs.

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