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V2 Ecig Reviews


V2cigs is one of the oldest and best known ecig companies in the world today. V2cigs has been making the best ecigs and ecigarette products in Europe for over a decade and have more experience than anyone when it comes to creating new and exciting electronic cigarettes and products. V2Cigs are probably best known for vapor, big vapor, thick vapor, awesome rich creamy milky vapor! This is considered the vapor-lovers ecig. Many companies have decent vapor production, but there is something different about V2’s vapor- it’s just better somehow. With over a decade of experience to perfect their product line it’s not surprising that they have also perfected the vapor delivery system. Something about the V2Cig’s vapor is much closer to cigarette smoke than anybody else’s. V2Cigs not only taste and feel incredibly real, but their vapor tends to just hang in the air much like regular cigarette smoke, giving the full smoking experience.  

Since V2cigs are universally loved their customers are an extremely loyal bunch who will swear by V2’s ability to help smokers kick the habit. If you are making your first attempt at switching to ecigs or if you just want to get more vapor, then V2Cigs are perfect for you. There is no better throat hit and overall vapor quality than V2cigs, and when you’re first quitting cigarettes that’s the most important aspect. I have no doubt that you will love V2’s quality and variety as they have one of the most extensive product and flavor lines anywhere. Plus V2 is always coming out with new flavors and limited edition specials as well as having a clearance page for discontinued products and flavors at slashed priced. Overall I have nothing negative to say about V2cigs except that for some people they may work a little too well. For some people the V2Cigs are just a little too strong and the vapor a little to thick and heavy. I would say that casual smokers may want to look at something lighter like the Safecig whereas heavy smokers will certainly love V2.

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