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Volcano Lavatube Review


  The LavaTube represents affordable variable voltage vaping at its finest.  The LavaTube is the Volcano Company’s answer to VV vaping and they made a huge splash in the market. Winner of’ the ‘best new mod award’ for 2011 by the internet’s guide to vaping. The LavaTube is both affordable and highly functional. Allowing users to adjust the voltage from 3 – 6 volts in .1 volt increments the LavaTube has all the power and control of mods twice its price. The LavaTube uses 18650 high-drain batteries that will give you hours of high intensity vaping.

The LavaTube is a little bit larger and a little bit heavier than the Provari, but at about half the price I still consider the LavaTube a steal at $79.00. Check out the LavaTube for yourself by using the link below:

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