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Weekly Ecig Giveaway


Weekly Ecig Giveaway Details:

What: A GreenSmoke Intro Kit plus a 3 pack of refill cartridges will be given away each week until summer. Kit includes a GreenSmoke battery a USB charger plus 2 cartridges. Also a 3 pack refill of cartridges will be included with the starter kit.

When: Every Saturday a winner will be chosen and each Monday the Starter Kit will be mailed out.

How: You will be notified via email if you are chosen as the winner. I will need to receive a mailing address from you where I can send the kit. I will also announce the winner each week on YouTube via Video Announcement.

Who: Everyone 18 or older is eligible to win; you simply have to be a member of the forum and a subscriber to my YouTube channel. Then all you will have to do is leave a comment sometime during the current week to be eligible for that week’s giveaway. So basically just be an active member on both the forum and the YouTube channel and you are automatically entered to win.

Why: The purpose of the Ecig Giveaway is to both promote the forum as well as give risk-free opportunities for people to try electronic cigarettes and hopefully inspire others with their success. To that end I will publicize the winner each week on the YouTube channel including posts or pictures of the winner. You can improve your chances of winning by telling us your story (why you want to get the kit, what you plan to do with it) and also by either posting your picture as your avatar or in your profile. You can also email me pics of yourself or your family if you don’t mind them being used in my videos. I want people to be able to make a human connection with the winner and be inspired by a real person successfully making the switch off tobacco to ecigs.

Winners will be chosen each week by me using recommendations I get from the Forum Moderators Steve and Mike as well as the Forum Admin Tia.

Good luck all!